Monday, 7 March 2011

1st UK GIG + NEW CD...

March 1st saw the home soil debut of R.S.Seizure live, playing with Timothy C. Holehouse, I added atomspheric drone + samples to a full band:
Timothy C. Holehouse - acoustic guitar, effects, vocals.
R.S.Seizure - processed guitar, electronics, samples.
Joel Klaverkamp - drums.
Stuart Coggins - Bass.
No name as yet, but will be in a studio early april to record!

My newest CD is now available, but only as a limited double CDR right now, CD 1 is guitar bassed (tracks 1&2) guitar + samples track 3 & mainly samples + field recordings on tracks 4&5, all very heavily processed.
CD 2 is 3 tracks featuring Andrew Mackinnon on guitar + beats.
Really happy with the end results, got stuck with some titles so ended up just going with untitled tracks (CD 1 'I-IV', CD2 'I-III')

Tracks I & II:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Due to my band Live Fast Die! recording/releasing our CD things have been pretty quiet as far as my solo stuff goes...
well that will soon be changing! in the process of getting my head around logic & will have plenty of new stuff soon & will be playing some UK shows in the not too distant future.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


So, September is finally here & we will soon bid farewell to Hong Kong!
Julia starts work @ Flaming Eight next month & i face the the dubious task of finding a job in London. Looking forward to moving back, the new ambient/post-rock project with A.Mackinnon can get a bit more serious, even thoigh he's all the way up in Scotland it's still a damn sight closer than than he is right now with me stuck in Hong Kong.
Im seriously gonna miss my band Live Fast Die! & the assholes in it, those guys are a great band & we should hopefully finish the CD before i leave so there is a chance this Saturday might not be the last show.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Soooo, it's been a busy few weeks for me!
1st up..... i'm now world wide! is online!
so far it's just a "coming soon" screen with a link to here (you may have just seen that) +myspace

the main site should be up & running asap!


these are for an upcoming split on Rainbow Bridge with Sensible Nectar & also my "taped" project that ive been planning for a while.
will post finished pics when i have the actual hand painted red cassettes from Rainbow Bridge....

The Black Reign cd is still going ahead, should be under production asap.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Vælium 3" mini cd

Ok, all finished recording & artwork, just burning left now!

The front is basically a valium packet, with the Roche logo changed to "RSC" & the back is the new logo Julia has designed for Spliced Records!

The disc is just a giant 10mg valium!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This post is a little bit late, but im finally getting around to it!
Have decided to start a label.... mostly drone, ambient, noise, folk, black metal etc.
Will be mostly cassette releases for now, few CD's/3" mini CD's..... leading towards vinyl!
Upcoming releases include the Black Reign cd from my last post, plus the following....

Nanahara Shuya/R.S.Seizure - split cassette

R.S.Seizure - "Taped" cassette

R.S.Seizure - 3" mini cd

MARY & THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB - more details soon..... EPIC project!

More coming soon.......

BLACK REIGN - CD coming soon!

So..... the 1st official CD release on Spliced Records (should have blogged about spliced before this really.... i'll get round to it soon!) will be getting pressed soon! Thats right.... properly replicated, non of this duplicated crap!
It will be available directly from me, my (soon-to-be-launched) website - & it will also be available from
A link to the 1st track is HERE