Friday, 7 May 2010

Vælium 3" mini cd

Ok, all finished recording & artwork, just burning left now!

The front is basically a valium packet, with the Roche logo changed to "RSC" & the back is the new logo Julia has designed for Spliced Records!

The disc is just a giant 10mg valium!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This post is a little bit late, but im finally getting around to it!
Have decided to start a label.... mostly drone, ambient, noise, folk, black metal etc.
Will be mostly cassette releases for now, few CD's/3" mini CD's..... leading towards vinyl!
Upcoming releases include the Black Reign cd from my last post, plus the following....

Nanahara Shuya/R.S.Seizure - split cassette

R.S.Seizure - "Taped" cassette

R.S.Seizure - 3" mini cd

MARY & THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB - more details soon..... EPIC project!

More coming soon.......

BLACK REIGN - CD coming soon!

So..... the 1st official CD release on Spliced Records (should have blogged about spliced before this really.... i'll get round to it soon!) will be getting pressed soon! Thats right.... properly replicated, non of this duplicated crap!
It will be available directly from me, my (soon-to-be-launched) website - & it will also be available from
A link to the 1st track is HERE

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Artwork for "Ghost Town"

Ghost Town, the HK hardcore band formerly known as Bridged will soon be releasing their EP, & here is the artwork!

Nice to finally have this project finished.... what with design changes, name changes & me just being generally lame it's taken awhile!