Saturday, 27 March 2010

Black Reign in the studio!

Will be in the studio with Arthur Urquiola this week, for a 3 hour recording session.
2 hours or so will be creating source material for a new cd, and we will also be spending 45/60 min recording a live track.
the whole idea is to create a cd using only material created during these 3 hours, i'll produce a track, he'll produce a track & then release it with the live track + killer artwork. gatefold....... all artwork will involve photos taken before/during/after the recording session in & around the studio.
anyways, really looking forward to this & will keep you posted on the end results...... but expect some results within the next few weeks.

Dont think this will be under "Black Reign" will have to wait & see, may just be under "R.S.Seizure & A.Urquiola"

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