Tuesday, 27 April 2010


just thought i'd share an image someone sent me recently........
it's funny when something you knew was gonna happen happens, & you are proven right.
sent my dvd's in the mail you a'hole, coz you have a guilty conscience & are too much of a pussy to face me.

to the person who sent me the image (you shall remain nameless!) it really made me chuckle, thanks!


  1. Am I reading this right ?? You fuckin' little cunt knob-head ! Are you really taking this up to the next level ?? You really want to fuck with me you hopeless shit ?? Do you really think anybody but you has the extra time to rip my shit and fuck with it on Photoshop just to have an excuse to blog about it ?? Have you posted the part where I tattooed you and your wife for free for the last 3 years and when I ask to work at the shop you ask me for 40% you fuckin' selfish twat ? I just stumbled on this and can't believe what I'm reading !! You really want to start a fight with me !! Why don't you spend your time working like everybody else instead of siphoning your wife's money to buy GI-joes and making up stories you fuckin' dick head ! I can't believe this !!!! I've never had a problem with Julia but you , you little shit !!!!! If I ever hear anything from you about me from anyone again , I mean anyone anywhere , I will dedicate days of my life to burning you two with everyone and anyone I know ! You really want to fuck with me you useless shit ?????? I can't believe after all the shit I gave you two that you can be such a selfish spoiled child about this !?!? You fuckin' knob head !!!!!!! I will not forget this !!! I'll be in touch with you very fuckin' soon so we can see who's the "pussy" here !!!!

    I can't believe this !?!?! You are a real , selfish spoiled fuckin' cunt !

  2. only just notiged this! hope you are having fun working in HK, got a visa sorted yet? still havent been in touch... so whos the pussy? tattooed us for free... um didnt you avoid finishing julias tattoo? asking for 40%... wow, so much! sort your attitude out.