Sunday, 13 September 2009


Just found this revue by one of the judges from Battle of the bands the other night & it made me laugh (although not as hard as i did when it was announced we got thru!) Anyways, here it is:

"The second group was called Live Fast Die! This was their second time playing together, thrash/punk/screaming vocals and you know what? I liked them. Because they could play and their songs were really funny. Plus it was like watching the Three Stooges on stage - during the first song one of the guitarists knocked the singer off the stage. During the second song the two guitarists kind of piled on the singer and almost knocked each other unconscious, all to the tune of a song that sort of reminded me of the Stooges' Search and Destroy."

His name is Spike, you can find his blog here:
Cheers Spike!

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