Monday, 14 September 2009

Probably the best band....... EVER!

Ok, thought it was about time i posted some music on here.... so here is something most of you probably havent heard of!
Leningrad are one of my favorite bands, i love these guys! This album Hleb (Bread) is one of their best (There is a link @ the bottom, under the album cover, download it, listen to it & let me know what you think!)
couldnt be arsed to type a revue/bio, so im posting this, from eastblok music........ dont be put off by the mix of influences, it just works & sounds awesome! They have a real punk attitude & this album also has a bit of a psychobilly influence:

Currently there are 15 members in the band, or rather orchestra Leningrad. This makes their live performance an unforgettable experience. This makes up for the irresistible appeal of Leningrad. The music is a mixture of ska, Cuban salsa and Russian prison chanson, sung with their hearts on their sleeves. Nowadays, there are also rap influences and hard rock guitars in Leningrad's music and the songs always tell stories and little dramas.

Leningrad trespasses against all sorts of rules and breaks with traditions; they swear in public, shoot scandalous video clips and cause mayhem at their concerts. Shnur himself says about his band: 'Leningrad - is like a porno film: with little means you provoke strong emotions.'

That was way too much for Moscow mayor Yuri Lushkov, who prohibited Leningrad ever performing in Moscow again. Still in the rest of the country they perform in front of thousands of frenetic fans.

Hleb is Leningrad's most social album so far. The fancy world of tennis stars or the power of banks - the conflict between poor and rich is one of the most prominent features of post Soviet turbo capitalism. Leningrad manage to describe society problems in a few striking lines.

Within a few years Leningrad turned from a club band into a stadium act without loosing any of its credibility.

Most chart bands in Russia copy their Western counterparts. Leningrad may well be the only Russian top ten band, who is musically and lyrically denying itself to the mainstream. Post modernism meets folk&roll and urban underground in a tasty cocktail. Leningrad's lyrics deal with the Russian every man from the streets, mostly interested in sex and alcohol, but who has the heart in the right place. Shnur's songs use a plethora of swearwords as well as the language of Soviet dissidents' chansons to grab things 'by the balls', similar to Soviet underground writers: rude, but not dumb. This is most likely the reason why Leningrad is loved not only by the common people, but also by the intellectuals, who cannot but grin at this clever poetic swearing. Theirs is a language everyone understands, while pretending not to speak. Their songs are about things, most people in Russia can identify with these days: booze, sex, death, irony, money, love, love for money, no money, no luck, no future.




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